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We are very proud and thrilled to open you the door of our magical "behind the scene" area. Our atelier has over 100 years of experience. It has worked for the most renowned luxury brands, celebrities and royal families around the globe.

Time is fundamental to create a masterpiece.  There is so much more to see inside a bag...

 First, we gather the most prestigious materials. Then we have to trace a perfect pattern, where any millimeter would matter.  Followed by the placement of the skins, to get only the best of it. We then cut with high precision, gently assemble the puzzle, sew delicately, dry slowly, paint  by hand the edges, pack with the biggest precaution... and send. 

In our atelier, we don't have workers but artists. When we send you the bag, they also send you a piece of their soul. They spent so much time and love on each single cm of the product, that they give life to it.

To make you part of this beautiful journey, we will send you pictures, showing all the different steps of the making of your very own bag.


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