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The Designer

Sophie Fagiano was born in south of France, but she likes to say that she is from the mediterranean sea. 

Her origines are a mix between north of Africa, the French Riviera and Italy, where she gets all her inspiration from.

Her creativity defined her very quickly as the artist of the family.

She studied in the most prestigious fashion schools around the world.

After 8 years at Burberry, where she developed a passion for leathers, she decided to follow her dream and create her own brand.

The Real "Made in Italy"

Our first intention, is to show what real italian craftsmanship is.

Our details meet the highest Haute Couture standards. 

Hand stitches, extra leather layers and more invisible details, which make the difference.

For instance, you will never find our logo, the Infinity Knot, on exotic items as we want to highlight the beauty of the skins. 


Slow-fashion is what we believe in.

Our collection is designed following our heart, not a fashion calendar. 

We want our bags to be created to suit women from this generation and the next ones.

A bag is a very important and sentimental item in a woman's life. 

O ur products are conceived to be timeless and passed down from generation to generation. 

Because a bag filled with history and love, is priceless. 

That is why we only work and select the very best materials to assure longevity to the products. 


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