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Maison Fagiano is born in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. Where the colors are bright, the breeze is warm and perfume is a mix of sea and spices.

A place where elegance is innate.

Maison Fagiano’s products are made by hand,  in an atelier in the heart of Milan.

Each detail and definition meets Haute Couture expectations  and follows the classical rules of Italian craftmanship.

On special request, we can create unique products,  to grant the most demanding of desires.

All of Maison Fagiano’s leathers are genuine and ethically sourced.  The leathers we use have certifications on traceability and are tanned by the finest Italian factories.  Our metals are nickel free and covered in 24 carat gold.

The originality and quality of our products, turns our bags into real jewel pieces.


All our bags are lined in gold laminated leather. 

We got inspired by the sun reflecting on the rocks at sunset in south of France. When you will open the bag you will enjoy the feeling of your face being warmed up by the sun. A bright inside also gives a better visibility and easier access to what you are looking for in your bag. 


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